What to Expect

How does it work?

Half Cat Lounge, half Coffee Shop! You can stop in for a beverage of your choice and bring your laptop to work, or visit the cats and play (ages 7+ during regular business hours). Choose one side, or both! You don’t need a reservation to just hang in the cafe, but it is suggested for the cat lounge.

We are located in Lincolnton, North Carolina. We have twelve adoptable cats roaming the cat lounge ready to play! Our cafe is separate and offers coffee, wine, craft beer, baked goods and more!

Are Reservations Necessary?

Reservations aren’t mandatory for spending time with the cats, but we highly recommend them, especially on holidays and weekends! To secure entry, reservations are essential. You can make them online in advance by clicking on our reservations tab. A one-hour reservation costs $12/$15 per person. Please note that children must be at least 7 years old to reserve a time during regular business hours; no exceptions. For younger visitors, please read on below.

Monday – Friday: $12 per person for a 60-minute online reservation. $10 per person for a 30-minute walk-in visit (subject to availability).

Saturday – Sunday: $15 per person for a reserved slot. $10 per person for a 30-minute walk-in visit (subject to availability).

While reservations guarantee your spot, we also welcome walk-in guests and reserve a few slots per hour for those without reservations. Walk-in visits are limited to 30 minutes with the cats instead of an hour, and you may experience a waiting period. However, you can relax in our cafe while you wait for your turn.

Can my KIDS Come?

To prioritize the safety of both our cats and your children, we enforce a minimum age requirement of 7 years old during regular business hours. This policy is non-negotiable. For younger guests, we offer alternative options such as booking a “Kitty Time” reservation (available Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 10:30 am; reservations required) or arranging for a “private room” visit with the cats. Prices for these options vary depending on day. For detailed information, please refer to the “reservation” tab on our website.

Please note that we strictly adhere to the age restriction policy and do not permit entry for children under 7 years old during regular business hours. Therefore, we kindly ask you to select one of the aforementioned options for your visit.

Can I have a Private Party?

You have the option to reserve the cat lounge exclusively. This can be arranged through the “reservations” section by selecting the “book entire room” option. While the cafe side remains open to other patrons, only those you’ve invited into the cat lounge will have access during your reserved hour. For safety reasons, we don’t permit gifts, wrappings, or balloons inside the cat area, but our staff can assist in safely storing them until your departure. Additionally, outside food or drinks are not allowed, but we offer a variety of pastries, beverages, hot chocolates, and more for your enjoyment.

Can I bring my OWN cat?

While we’re sure your cat is lovely, we kindly ask that you leave him at home during your visit. It’s important to note that by law, we cannot allow outside cats to interact with our resident cats, as this could lead to stress and sadness for both your cat and ours. We wouldn’t want to see any cat feeling down!

Your cat will surely understand if you explain that your visit is to support homeless kitties in need of love and care. Let him know that you’ll be back soon, and in the meantime, he can enjoy some extra cuddles at home. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping all our furry friends happy and safe during their time with us!

I found a cat, can you take it?

Because of our operating limitations, we’re unable to take in cats directly. Instead, we collaborate closely with our rescue partner, Lincoln County Animal Shelter, who supplies the adoptable cats in our cafes. If you’re in need of assistance regarding cat adoption or other related matters, we encourage you to contact them directly. They may be able to provide the help and support you’re seeking. Thank you for your understanding and for considering adoption through our rescue partner.

When Should I Visit?

Your experience will vary depending on the atmosphere you’re seeking! Generally, the cats are most active early in the day, then tend to nap on and off before becoming lively again in the early evening. We don’t expect them to be continuously active throughout the day, so each visit may offer a unique experience depending on the cats present and the number of guests in the lounge. However, with 12 cats freely roaming around, there’s usually some playful activity happening!

If you’re looking for a quieter experience with a better “human to cat” ratio, visiting on a weekday is recommended over weekends. Please note that the maximum number of visitors allowed at any given time is 12, excluding employees.